Saturday, November 6, 2010

No Joy, La Sera + Lower Dens

Well aren't we lucky!

Through consistent tossing of coins into wells, blowing of loose eyelashes and "The Secret" we somehow managed to wrangle/trick (MUAHAHAHAHA) some fantastic bands into playing at the shop tonight...and YOU get to reap the benefits of our good fortune!

Check out the treasure trove we've got for you:

No Joy - The Montreal/L.A. duo of Laura Lloyd and Jasamine White-Gluz mention “doom” (along with “psychedelic” and “shoegazer”) on their Bandcamp page and have played shows with Harvey Milk and Coalesce, but no, their noise-pop isn’t very metal: I’m talking a darker sensibility, the “you will die” in their promo photo, the title of their upcoming full-length Ghost Blonde, the idea of “No Joy” in and of itself. - Stereogum

La Sera - La Sera makes lush, dreamy songs of heartbreak, love, and death - Brooklyn Vegan (Ummm...what more could you ask for?)

Lower Dens - Lower Dens appreciate the grimy atmospherics of new wave as much as the dizzy elements of shoegaze, which can make Twin-Hand Movement confusing on first listen. But when variety sounds this good, it's hard to fault a band for sharing so many ideas in one place. - Pitchfork

This amazing lineup gets underway at 7pm.

1 comment:

  1. Sean,
    I can't believe this went on while we were outta town. I've missed Lower Dens twice because of George Glass. Blasturds!

    Don't tell me it was amazing...