Friday, February 4, 2011

Chasing Kings Live in the Loft TONIGHT @ 8pm

Chasing Kings grace the loft tonight at 8pm to celebrate the release of their debut 10", Just Our Luck.

Here's what our friends over at The Vinyl District had to say about the band...

"In 2009, Silver Lake’s Chasing Kings released their debut EP “The Current State Of Our Future” … a record that I still keep on repeat for days at a time. Now, I will get to hear their indie pop songs that boast soul and folk influences on vinyl. And as you know, everything sounds even better on vinyl. Chasing Kings released new songs “Just Our Luck” and “Maybe It’s The Distance” in December but their 10″ can be found at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park now. The band’s sound is catchy pop/rock/soul all blended together beneath lead singer Matthew Schwartz’s ruggedly raw vocals that would make you think he’s had either way too much Whiskey or he’s older in age. But Schwartz and the rest of the band are barely 21 years old, and once you give them a listen, you won’t believe that." - Ashley Eliot

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