Saturday, February 19, 2011

KXSC presents MAGIC BULLETS tonight at 7pm

Come come come!!

Join us and our favorite KXSC homies as we present MAGIC BULLETS live in our loft this evening. (Hopefully the weather won't be as much a hinderance as it was for the FANTASTIC Generationals instore y'all missed last night...knock on wood)

If you're not familiar with MAGIC BULLETS here are some eloquent thoughts on them - "A strong Smiths sensibility shines through [their] songs for sure, and while everyone seems to be going the fuzz-pop route these days it's actually kind of refreshing right now to hear these flowing dreamy-pop nuggets that soar so nicely on their own without relying on lo-fidelity fuzz for instant credibility. ...We're sure these guys wish they could have come of age in the early '80s Manchester scene but we're super happy they are here now creating songs that while nod to that era still sound so fresh and relevant..." - Aquarius Records

And while dancing around the shop today listening to the brand- spanking- new MAGIC BULLETS 7" we decided we also hear a healthy dose Adam & The Ants & Talking Heads rounding out their sound. Tonight is gonna be a fun one!!

7PM | FREE | ALL-AGES (per the usual)

See ya laters!

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