Friday, February 4, 2011

Foxtails Brigade on OnTheRecord this week!

Foxtails Brigade's Laura Weinbach and Anton Patzner are no stranger to performing in improvised spaces. The two got their start playing as street musicians in their native Oakland. So it was no surprise that they were game when we suggested a performance on the Origami rooftop. They even treated us to an impromptu performance of "The Rainbow Connection" when a rainbow briefly appeared. (Keep an eye out for it in the background)

in this video they perform Long Day, from their album La Nuit. Their music is ghostly Victorian pop that evokes a soundtrack to some half-remembered gothic Disney masterpiece. Lovely for a warm summer night or a snowy winter's day. (also check out Anton's other project, the string metal juggernaut known as Judgement Day. It's RAD!)

Foxtails Brigade - Long Day - Live at Origami Vinyl from plastic pearl on Vimeo.

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