Saturday, February 12, 2011

YUCK instore TODAY at 4pm

Over this past year, Yuck have emerged as one of the best and brightest new bands, not to mention one of the most mercurial and unpredictable. Now they're hitting town in support of their new album appropriately titled "Yuck". This is a confident, wildly ambitious record, but also one which brims over with a ragged warmth and tenderness, tipping its hat at alt music heroes past such as East River Pipe, Dinosaur Jr. and Sparklehorse while at the same time retaining a unique identity entirely its own; a band capable of sprinting off in pretty much any direction you can think of, so diverse and fully realised is its anthemic and offbeat guitar rock. This band is rough and edgy as well as whiny and head-bobbingly catchy. They even make weird music videos with naked girls being eaten by werewolf-like monsters.

After hearing about how amazing their set was last night we're sure you won't want to miss catching them in our loft this afternoon.

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  1. dammit i just woke up and wanted to see this show....