Saturday, July 7, 2012

MONDAY: Dirty Projectors Listening Party 8 pm!

Dirty Projectors' sixth album, Swing Lo Magellan, comes out July 10 on Domino Records but you can hear the album in its entirety at Origami's listening party on July 9! To celebrate this glorious forthcoming of Swing Lo Magellan, we'll have awesome giveaways, free pizza, and cold refreshments.

The Dirty Projectors are architects of sonic monuments- every song stands alone as a masterpiece but contributes to an overall beautiful album with a low-key vibe.

This news surrounding the new album has us feeling really giddy:  "Swing Lo Magellan has both the handmade intimacy of a love letter and the widescreen grandeur of a blockbuster, and if that sounds like a paradox -- it's because it was until now" (Domino Records). A Monday has never had this many paradoxical perks, see ya at 8 pm!

If you aren't excited for the new album after listening to "Dance For You" you are living a lie!

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