Monday, July 23, 2012

TONIGHT: Listening Party for The Antlers "Undersea" 8 pm

  Tonight we're suckerpunchin' ya with an in-store w/ Foxygen at 7 pm then hitting ya with a listening party at 8 pm! It's the best beating you'll ever get because you can hear The Antlers' new album, Undersea (out on ANTI) all the way through. AND there will be free pizza, drinks, and a test press to raffle off courtesy of Epitaph! 

Counteract Magazine had to say this about Undersea: "The EP is without doubt a step into murky waters, with eight minute long tracks and more electronic mixing than ever before. But after many listens, this resembles the QE2 rather than the Titanic… The Great Barrier Reef rather than Calais… In fact; there isn’t much more The Antlers could’ve done to make this better." Ohhh yeah!

Listen to "Drift Dive" below and float on by for Foxygen at 7 pm then hear Undersea at 8.

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