Saturday, July 21, 2012

TONIGHT: In-store w/ Conveyor @ 7 pm!

If the once-inescapable chef Emeril were to whip up a band it might be Conveyor. Hailing from Brooklyn, Conveyor melts intricate layers of acoustic guitars, synths, and harmonious vocals together into BAM - a summery confection of sonic pleasure. And they're playing in-store tonight at 7 pm!

Their new self-titled album on July 17 on Paper Garden Records and it's ready for your ears. "These guys are obsessed with the tiniest details and it might take a few listens to catch all the subtle touches Conveyor throws your way. The band hasn't made any mistakes so far and every track released has hinted at a top notch debut LP ..." (We Listen For You).

Give em a try, listen to "Woolgatherer" and stop by tonight at 7 pm to see them play in-store for free!

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