Monday, July 16, 2012

TONIGHT: Alberta Cross - Songs Of Patience Premiere Party! 8 PM!

If you aren't the patient type, come to OV on Monday night at 8 pm as we premiere Alberta Cross' new album, Songs of Patience, before it's release on July 17 on ATO Records.

Your impatience will be rewarded with giveaways*, free pizza, and dranks as you eager beavers listen to Songs of Patience all the way through!

Alberta Cross' Petter Ericson Stakee speaks highly of this record when he says, “everything we have been through is present ... and it's my proudest work yet.” With a statement like that you've gotta stop by!

Listen to "Lay Down" below to prepare yourself for TONIGHT at 8 pm.

*These giveaways are AWESOME. Among other things, we've got autographed screen prints inspired by the album artwork, and tickets to their 7/24 show at the Troubadour!!!

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