Monday, May 13, 2013

FYF Fest and You: A few answers to your many questions.

Holy shit. We are SO stoked for our friends at FYF. Have you seen the line up for the Fest this year?! It's pretty out of control!

Just like last year, Origami is the official music retailer for the Fest and we couldn't be more pumped! Last year, we brought our entire shop to the tent - bins and all! How are we gonna top that?! You'll find out...

For now, let us answer a few of your questions. We'll be one of 4 shops where you can get tickets to the Fest.

-Tickets will go on sale Thursday, May 16 at noon.
-For a limited time, tickets will be $99, with a $6 service fee. $105 total, and as always, we're CASH ONLY for tickets.
-Right now, there will be a 4 ticket maximum per person.
- We will only be selling 2 day passes. No single day or VIP. Those are available online.

We'll keep you updated as we get more information. For now, you can go here for more answers.

Party on Wayne!

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