Thursday, May 9, 2013

In-Store Tonight!: Fever The Ghost @7pm

Fever The Ghost is probably a name that you haven't heard of before, and good luck finding anything online about them, which is why you need to come watch them play tonight at 7pm to get the low down on these guys!

This will probably be one of the first pieces of press on the band, and we are honored to be Fever The Ghost's first time. We've played their newest 7" titled "Rounder" a bunch in the shop, and Sean, aka "The Stentz," summed up their sound best by describing it as "Avi Buffalo meets UMO meets Led Zeppelin." Neil also chimed in by muttering "White Stripes," and there you have it, a band review!

We're excited to hear these guys play and find out what they're all about, and we want you here with us, dude! Peep some more details on the event HERE and we'll see you tonight!

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