Thursday, May 23, 2013

Job Opening Alert! OV is Looking for a new Part-Timer! Are YOU the ONE?

Well look at that! This doesn't happen too often! We actually have a small part-time position available here at OV!

Are you interested in becoming part of our family? We are looking for someone that is excited, motivated, likes to have fun at work, and can handle doing 80 things at the same time without becoming a stress monster. Is that you? If you are reading this then you probably know a little bit about us, but really quickly here are the bullet points:
 - We started as a small LA focused record label in 2007
 - The Origami Vinyl shop in Echo Park opened in 2009
 - Our shop dog, Ali, loves giving guests hugs
 - We have 5 people that work at OV and are like family. We buy each other coffee and give each other so many high fives our hands are calloused.
 - We host a weekly Record Club night at El Prado on Tuesdays
 - We present many shows across town with our good buddies FYF, The Echo/Echoplex, Goldenvoice and others.
 - Our favorite snack attacks are Lays Limon potato chips, gelato, chocolate chip cookies, and trail mix.

The position we are looking to fill will be a small part-time position. You will be guaranteed one weekly 3 hour shift on Sunday evenings. You will also get first dibs on all shifts that need to be covered if an employee goes on tour, gets food poisoning from a danger dog, or cannot stand to miss the upcoming Wang Chung reunion tour. We will also require you to work at events like Echo Park Rising, FYF Fest, Record Store Day, and our favorite, inventory day. You may also be asked to DJ with us at Record Club or out on the town. Yeah, pretty rough so far right?

Here's the skill set you need:
 - Knowledge of music. You don't need to be an encyclopedia but you gotta know what's up, have an opinion and be willing to share, and have a good foothold on our local music scene.
 - Retail experience. It's not a deal-breaker, but it sure is a plus if you've worked a cash register before
 - Outgoing. Fun to be around. Positive. Not a stress monger. Get it? We like to have fun times, not drama times.
 - Multi-tasker. We do a lot of different things. It's not just ringing up a customer. You may have a line of peeps buying tickets, the phone ringing like crazy. A customer asking for your recommendations. A band loading in for an in-store. And some contest you need to post on twitter. Can you handle that? Because it happens...a lot.
 - Motivated. We want someone that is excited to be here. That has ideas. That does more than we ask. We have our fingers in lots of different things so we need someone that gets stoked to work on projects and brings creativity to OV.
 - Not in a band. Sorry we love you guys, but we already have 2 of these types of people in the shop and they can be divas with their schedules (just kidding Sean and Angel!) So yea, this position will be counted on to cover shifts for them and to have another person with a band schedule to work around would be too hard to cope with. 

So yea that's about it. We know it is only one day a week. But if you kick butt, there is a greater opportunity here. We have big ideas and we need good people to help us build them. Its rare that an opening is available at OV because we love working here. 

If this sounds like something you are down to be a part of please submit your resume to  We will review all resumes and schedule interviews for next week.

Good luck and thanks for your interest in being a part of OV!

Neil, Sean, Emily, Angel, and Christine

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