Saturday, April 26, 2014

IN-STORE: Washing Machines TONIGHT @ 6PM!

Tonight we've got Washing Machines up in our loft at 6PM!

Charging through the L.A underground scene like a hurricane, Washing Machines are on the warpath to bigger and better things.
Sounding like a Frankenstein mix of early 90s grunge and the emotive heart of post-punk, these locals have been garnering steady praise for their rough-around-the-edges live shows and unrelenting sonic attack. Their latest EP, Quick Fix, finds the band honing their "Sonic Youth meets Pixies" sound and we can't wait to hear the carnage that ensues. We're even more excited to hear it live in our loft and hope y'all can make it to jam with us!

As always, tonight's show starts at 6PM, so take a quick gander at the sunset and then roll on down to Origami for some good tunes and good times! While you wait, give a listen to their EP track "Gashzilla" below! See you soon!

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