Thursday, April 3, 2014


To All My High Fivers Out There!

Unreal to think this shop has lasted 5 years come this morning! Honestly, I never thought we’d get here. Not because I didn’t believe in what we were doing, it was just that doing anything for 5 years seemed nearly impossible to me. I’ve never done anything for that long. What started out of some high school dream, that became more of a distant fantasy throughout my 20’s, and was born out of desperation, a need of change, and some wild serendipity, turned into the foundation of what Origami is today. The core philosophy of Origami was to share my passion for music with others in my neighborhood. To support local music and to provide a place where bands could promote their self-released records and perform intimate shows.

At the time of opening, many thought I was crazy. The economy was shit, vinyl records hadn’t really hit their stride, and Echo Park was transitioning. But all of that didn’t really matter to me. I rationalized this experience by weighing my options of getting another corporate job or going back to school for a masters degree. I felt that if I opened the shop and it failed within 2 years I would have gained a ton more experience than any job was going to give me and would learn a ton more about entrepreneurship than any masters program could teach me. In a way the risk was small. I felt I would be a winner even in a situation in which I failed and that’s what made it happen.

Once the doors opened on April 3rd, 2009, reality sank in. In less than 5 months me and some friends were able to build the shop and stock it with music. Then you guys started coming and helping us to evolve and grow it into what it is today, 5 years later. I am so grateful to all of you for helping me realize my dream. Thank you!

So enough with the sappy stuff. LET’S PARTY tonight at The Echo!!!

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