Monday, April 7, 2014

OV WEEKLY: April Is On Fire!

This week at OV, the gang patiently awaits to see what Neil will write his next novel on after his recent forays into Slint and OV turning 5. Stay tuned. 

Monday, April 7th (that's today!)
A New Month of Residencies!

Now that it's April, its time for a brand spanking new Monday residency at The Echo!

This month, Echo Park faves and OV alums Mystic Braves take the stage with their patented blend of garage and psych rock! Formerly known as Blackfeet Braves, these guys have been gaining recognition within LA over the last couple years, and for good reason. The Braves craft groovy, psychedelic jams that tunnel right to pleasure centers in both your brain and your feet. Their 2013 self-titled album was one of our favorite local records of the year and we are super stoked for their newest record Desert Island which comes out later this month! So stop on by The Echo tonight at 8:30 for a kickass night of music courtesy of Mystic Braves. Supporting Mystic Braves are two more OV faves Froth & Adult Books! See you there!

Tuesday, April 8th
New Releases Are Like Aloe Vera After A Sunburn! Record Club!

This week's releases will soothe any and all of your musical itches, with LPs from OFF!, Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks and Timber Timbre swinging by the shop. We're ready to throw down to all of them and will have them hot'n'ready for your musical consumption Tuesday morning!

And as always, Record Club comes to El Prado tonight at 9PM! Come jam to some records with us!

Wednesday, April 9th
Jazz For Cows!

Nothing much is happening today, so just enjoy the majesty of the video below.

Thursday, April 10th
Goat @ Pappy & Harriet's!

If your looking to rock out with OV, look no further than tonight's Goat show at Pappy & Harriet's in Pioneertown! The Swedish band's 2013 LP World Music was one of top LPs of 2013 and we've barely been able to keep their LP stocked in the shop. So when we heard that the band was making a rare CA appearance, we got very very excited and got our bags packed wayy early. So come find us out in the desert tonight -- we'll be the dudes dancing all mystical-like in the back.

Friday, April 11th
Emily & Christine Take Coachella!

For all you cool cats hitting Coachella this weekend, make sure to keep an eye out for the delegation from the land of Origami -- Emily and Christine! They'll be kicking up dirt and hell all weekend long, so if you catch 'em make sure to grab a Coachella Edition OV High Five™!

Your best bet of finding this duo? Follow the high pitched "EEEEEEE" sound. At its source will be a very stoked Christine.

Saturday, April 12th
RSD In One Week!

Yeah, the madness hits next week. Y'all better be prepared cause it's gonna be a crazy day chock full of the best music RSD can offer. We go big every year, and this year is no different. Want a taste of what's to come? Pink Mountaintops, one of our faves on Jagjaguwar, will be stopping by the loft to throw down some jams at 8PM! That's not all though, so stay tuned to our page for more delicious RSD info!

Giveaways This Week!
Vertical Scratchers + Monster Rally @ The Mint 4/12 - 3 pairs!

Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for future giveaways!

Now that we've planned your week, we hope to see you shining faces on the regs!

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