Thursday, October 16, 2014

OV PRESENTS: Fever The Ghost + Talk In Tongues 10/22 @ The Echo!

On October 22nd, OV will be presenting an awesome duo of bands at The Echo - Fever The Ghost & Talk In Tongues! We've been all about these two local acts since their inception and can't wait to see what they bring to the Echo next week!

First up on the bill, L.A locals Talk In Tongues have taken a rather circuitous route to their current organization. At the beginning, each member fell into place from other bands falling apart, and even then, the band had little musical common ground. But rather quickly, it all came together, with their lead single "Still Don't Seem To Care" bursting onto the scene and lighting up blogs everywhere, even making it to the front page of Noisey. With their heady pop-psych sound shining through, Talk In Tongues moved on to recording their full length album, and tonight's the night to get that perfect sneak peek! We've been big fans of Talk In Tongues since "Still Don't Seem To Care" and can't wait to see what they do next wee in support of Fever The Ghost!

Speaking of psych-pop bursts, Fever The Ghost know how to get things churning quick. Born under the Swell Swan corporation last year, they too took a quick path to notoriety with "Rounder," moving up bills as quickly as they conjured up psychedelic bliss. Anchored by strong hooks and the powerful synergy of members Casper, Bobby, Mason & Nick-O, Fever The Ghost have just about everywhere this year, touring behind their Crab In Honey EP and wowing audiences with their electric live shows, which somehow seem to top the carnage of their official releases. Both bands are, to paraphrase Hansel from Zoolander, pretty hot right now. So you better see them dude, cause this much heat ain't gonna combine too many more times!

Blowing up the Echo next Wednesday, we are so stoked to be presenting this awesome bill of L.A hotshots and hope to see you getting crazy with us October 22nd! To get your blood flowing in preparation, check both bands' singles below and get ready for some kickass music courtesy of The Echo and OV!

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