Monday, October 20, 2014

OV WEEKLY: It's Like The Yellow Pages For The Recently Haunted

Don't worry, OV Weekly's got the power to bring you back to life. Yes, Mr. Ghosty, this week of kickass music will make you somebody again!

Monday, October 20th
Dream Boys Monday Night Residency @ The Echo!

Independent music from the west coast of Scotland has always had a kinship with psychedelic pop music from the west coast of America. Orange Juice loved The Byrds, Teenage Fanclub wanted to be in Buffalo Springfield, the Pastels adored the Electric Prunes. Dream Boys are a modern day trans atlantic love affair realized. Consisting of 3 Americans and 1 Scotsman, their songs have the spirit of postcard records filtered through the rural haze of the paisley underground. Their songs float around the notion of time and space, love and heartbreak, the highs and lows with a range of emotion and introspection. One can’t imagine these songs coming from any other band or from any other time other than now. These songs are psychedelic in the truest sense, a californian sun rises on a Glasgow street, rain fall during an indian summer, Dream Boys’ music lies somewhere in between this musical dream, in love with pop music with a sincerity unmatched.

Tuesday, October 21st
A Very Special RCLA Listening Party With Afternoons!

Prepare yourself, 'cause tonight Record Club is gettin' an ultra sexy makeover. We couldn't be more excited to have local indie heroes Afternoons premiere their long-awaited album, Say Yes, at El Prado! Not only will you get to enjoy the sweetly crafted tunes of Afternoons while hangin' out with the band themselves, but if you buy the album you'll get a free beer courtesy of Trumer!!! How cool is that?

After the premiere, we'll be spinnin' wax all night long in celebration of our very own, most lovely & loyal STEEN's birthday! That means you better be sure to bring fat stax of records you think she'd dig! Also please remember to give her a b-day high-five or two or three, for good measure.

As always, the party gets started at 9PM, so you better be there!

Wednesday, October 22nd
OV Presents Fever The Ghost + Talk In Tongues @ The Echo! Updated Spookiness!

Tonights the night! At 9PM, OV will be presenting an awesome duo of bands at The Echo - Fever The Ghost & Talk In Tongues! We've been all about these two local acts since their inception and can't wait to see what they bring to the Echo!

First up on the bill, L.A locals Talk In Tongues have taken a rather circuitous route to their current organization. At the beginning, each member fell into place from other bands falling apart, and even then, the band had little musical common ground. But rather quickly, it all came together, with their lead single "Still Don't Seem To Care" bursting onto the scene and lighting up blogs everywhere, even making it to the front page of Noisey. With their heady pop-psych sound shining through, Talk In Tongues moved on to recording their full length album, and tonight's the night to get that perfect sneak peek! We've been big fans of Talk In Tongues since "Still Don't Seem To Care" and can't wait to see what they do tonight in support of Fever The Ghost!

Speaking of psych-pop bursts, Fever The Ghost know how to get things churning quick. Born under the Swell Swan corporation last year, they too took a quick path to notoriety with "Rounder," moving up bills as quickly as they conjured up psychedelic bliss. Anchored by strong hooks and the powerful synergy of members Casper, Bobby, Mason & Nick-O, Fever The Ghost have just about everywhere this year, touring behind their Crab In Honey EP and wowing audiences with their electric live shows, which somehow seem to top the carnage of their official releases. Both bands are, to paraphrase Hansel from Zoolander, pretty hot right now. So you better see them dude, cause this much heat ain't gonna combine too many more times!

BTW, it's still October. Which means something spooky is still on it's way.. What is it you ask? OV's 31 nights of terror! AKA 31 nights of super spooky LPs! So far we've covered everything from Roky Erickson to the Donnie Darko OST and have plenty more coming! Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for this week's picks and check our list-so-far below!

V/A - Ghostbusters II OST
V/A - The Thing From The Crypt (I Nearly Died Laughing)
V/A - Seven Skeletons Found In A Yard
Michael Andrews - Donnie Darko OST
Bauhaus - In The Flat Field
Franco Micalizzi - The Visitor OST
Roky Erickson - The Evil One
Goblin - Tenebre OST
Dark Beach - Scream Queen
Ghosty - S/T
Gazelle Twin - Unflesh
Thee Cormans - Halloween Record
Pharmakon - Bestial Burden
Fursaxa - S/T
Baptists - Bloodmines

Thursday, October 23rd
La Femme @ The Echoplex!

Looking for something different this Thursday night? Then look no further than La Femme tonight at the Echoplex! European stars and purveyors of an indescribable mix of surf, Kraftwerk, Francoise Hardy and the B-52s, La Femme matches grim beats with bubbly rhythms that are exactly what cool-kid Halloween is all about. It's like Stereolab doing the theme song for The Addams Family. (Now that's a collab that needs to happen). Anyways, La Femme is really hard to pin down, but you're gonna want to be there. Emily made sure I included this one via a caps-locked email. So you know she'll be at The Echo dancing the night away.

Friday, October 24th
Mineral @ The Roxy!

20 years later and here we are. Crying our eyes out to Mineral. But it's the good kind, cause holy cow, MINERAL IS PLAYING IN L.A! One of the most important emo bands of all time is back and tonight's your night to see them play "Gloria" live. What more could you want from a Friday night? I mean sure maybe some happier feelings, but I promise you, Mineral is better than that! We shouldn't really have to convince you on this one, so here's The Power of Failing in full. Meet us in the back - we'll give you a shoulder to cry on homie.

Saturday, October 25th
Afternoons In-Store @ 7PM! Festival Supreme! Steen's Birthday EEEEEE!

Afternoons have a strange story. They burst onto the L.A scene in 2008 with their hit song "Say Yes" and had Shepard Fairey on their list of fans, designing them a poster and pushing their name into bigger and bigger conversations. Then a tour followed and Afternoons we're on everybody's lips. But then, big name management came in and messed things up with the requisite creative meddling and an unnecessary, unheralded name change. And just like that, much of the original mystique and momentum was lost. But now Afternoons is back six years on, ready to take back the music world as they left it. Working from the musical vision they had all along, Afternoons returns with Say Yes, the album they had originally planned to release and the one L.A has been asking for all along. It's a whirlwind tale, and we desperately want to see it played out live, so we're super pumped to see these ghosts of 2008 return to out loft this Saturday night!

Also it's freaking Festival Supreme this weekend.  This year’s one-day extravaganza includes 40 of today’s most talented musicians and comedians taking over The Shrine Auditorium for a riotous event of SUPREME proportions! It's bigger and better than ever. Tenacious D's reaction to the news? "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" So do that.

Speaking of which, if you're looking for free tickets, you might wanna tag us in an Insta post of your favorite act at Festival Supreme. That might score you a ticket maybe. But you didn't hear that from us.


Now that we've planned your week, you better be putting the finishing touches on the OV jack-o-lantern we've always wanted..

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  1. Hi Ian - awesome variety of activities going on this week, thanks for letting us know what's out there! I may or may not have noticed the possibility of free Festival Supreme tickets if Origami Vinyl is tagged in an Insta post about our favorite act. Can you confirm or deny that this offer is still out there? Also - does it have to be a brand new post or can it be a comment on an existing post (since I may have posted something very similar for another ticket giveaway that I did not win)?