Saturday, December 6, 2014

IN-STORE: Steppe People TONIGHT @ 7PM!!

Steppe People are stopping by at 7 PM TONIGHT, and they have the kind of angst you don't want to miss!!

LA Locals, Steppe People, definitely know how to rock, but in the classy way. You will be hearing sick guitar licks, shredding, and drum fills for days. Some of their solos should be in the bible or [insert your favorite book here] because they are that great. The power band knows how to entertain, and to have fun.

Steppe People recently released a 7" called "One/Eating Alone" on LA's FINE Records. The put their best foot forward with these two crooners, they will melt you emotions right into heartbreak. You can actually feel it pumping out of your speakers. Get a quick taste of Eating Alone Below.

Moral of the story : GET DOWN HERE! It's likely something you will tell your grandkids about someday. 

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