Monday, December 1, 2014

OV WEEKLY: Hahahahaha It's December???

Don't worry, we got your back when you still haven't put away your Halloween candy and your watch is an hour fast.

Monday, December 1st
Girlpool Pizza Party! OV Presents Kissing Cousins @ The Satellite!

It's almost dinner time, so why not come eat Pizza with Girlpool TONIGHT @ 6 PM?!

Cleo and Harmony will be here celebrating their first night of December residency at the Echo, and boy, you better believe we are excited this delightful duo picked us to eat some 'za with!

It's no secret that OV loves Girlpool, but let's be honest, how could you not? Girlpool has found perfection in their guitar-and bass duo, and all the profanity and sexual innuendo seems so charming and sweet when it comes from Harmony and Cleo. These girls aren't afraid to sing about anything. Girlpool is pure, raw, unadulterated fun. Their self-titled EP was released with Wichita Recordings on 11/18, and if you haven't heard it yet, get on it. You don't want to miss out longer than you already have!

SO then it's settled. Now that you have found the best way to start your month, we will see you TONIGHT with a slice of pizza in your hand!

Also on tap, at The Satellite, we've got another OV rezzie going! All December long, OV is presenting Kissing Cousins every Monday for free! More info can be found below.

OV Presents Kissing Cousins December Residency @ The Satellite:
Doors 8:30pm
Kissing Cousins
Rainbow Jackson
TS & the Past Haunts

Kissing Cousins:
Kissing Cousins is an all girl band from Los Angeles, California. As the main creative outlet for songwriter Heather Bray Heywood, Kissing Cousins has had a variety of female musicians comprise the lineup. Most of whom were friends prior to joining the band as part of the greater East Side Los Angeles music scene. Heywood's songwriting is stark, baroque, and often sexually charged. With haunting melodies over noisy guitars and pounding rhythms, Kissing Cousins' music belies the sweet appearance of their name and image.

While you wait for tonight to roll around, check out Kissing Cousins' song "You Bring Me Down" below and stop on by The Satellite every Monday this December. We'll see you there!

Tuesday, December 2nd
New Releases, If Ya Can Handle Them! RCLA!

We know RSD just rolled around, but c'mon man, you know there's gonna be something good today at OV, there always is. Along with all the delicious leftover RSD goodies (yes we have plenty, and no, none of them are Death Grips), we'll have the best of the indie world delivered fresh to our bins!

After you've survived our new release storm, you best be bringing that new vinyl down to RCLA at El Prado to give it a virgin spin! The best place to hear what your local buds are digging, RCLA gives YOU the opportunity to spin your records and even snag a free drink in the process! The fun gets started at 9PM, so dig out those LPs and get ready for a night of great music!

Wednesday, December 3rd
Jonathan Richman @ The Bootleg!

Time for Emily to freak out. Tonight at the Bootleg, Jonathan Richman himself will be gracing L.A with his ever wonderful songwriting and wit. A national treasure for generations of fans, Jonathan Richman has been writing songs, making records and performing live for most of his life, making friends around the world with his guileless honesty and playfully catchy compositions. He’s revered by countless fellow artists, and has built a remarkably loyal international audience through his tireless touring. His deceptively straightforward songs embody timeless qualities of humanity, optimism, emotional insight and a boundless sense of humor, untainted by cynicism or transient notions of hipness. And he's in L.A for one night only tonight at the Bootleg! See you there!

Thursday, December 4th
Angel Olsen @ El Rey!

One of Neil's 2014 faves, tonight at the El Rey, Angel Olsen takes the stage in support of her excellent new album Burn Your Fire For No Witness and you best believe we'll be there! Full of the haunting ballads and shining vocals we've come to expect from Angel, her newest LP puts her among the best singer-songwriters out there, and we have a feeling she's gonna be all over year end lists when 2014 is all said and done. Which means you better see her now! Come join us at the El Rey and we can cry-sing "Unfucktheworld" together!

Friday, December 5th
Talk In Tongues In-Store!

Talk In Tongues is back in LA, and we want to share them with you. The super talented, and recently formed foursome came together in a whirlwind of inspiration, drive, and unexpected common ground. Their ethereal, dreamy, neo- psychedelic single "Still Don't Seem to Care" is killer, and has honestly left us chomping at the bit for the album release in early 2015. Things came together quickly for the band, and after just two months of studio sessions with Fairfax Recordings, the foursome seems to have it all figured out with a sound that evokes the 60s and modern psychedelia.

Saturday, December 6th
Steppe People In-Store!

Steppe People are a self-described group of yokels of whom have kept their promises to their mothers to work as little as possible, cry as much as they don't work and rock regardless of how completely irrelevant the practice of such has become. Barely able to stand on their collective eight feet its astonishing to them and everybody else that they were actually able to keep it together enough to play yet another show but here they are and oh how the mighty weep. Guitarmonies and brevity are the foundation of which they built their backwoods shack. Color us intrigued.

Now that we've planned your week, make sure to grab your 2015 calendars before the New Year!

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