Monday, December 29, 2014

OV WEEKLY: New Year, New You, New Weekly!

What a crazy year it's been. It's almost 2015! You made it!!! Reach for your dreams next year, even if your dreams are just puppies (ours are).

Monday, December 29th
Last Chance Tickets to LetsPartyNYE @ Legendary Park Plaza Hotel! OV Presents Kissing Cousins @ The Satellite!

Ok so NYE is two days away. That means if you don't got plans, you need plans quick. Good thing OV is here to save the day - we've got tickets to the best party in town: LetsPartyNYE at the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel! It's a crazy good live/DJ lineup at a killer venue with an open bar?? Uh, yes please! Check the full deets below and come dance away 2014 with us on Wednesday!

LetsPartyNYE @ Legendary Park Plaza Hotel
Dec 31, 2014 8:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Every ticket is open bar!

Performances from: Blood Orange, Classixx (live), IO Echo, Kindness (DJ), TOPS, Warpaint (DJ), Blake Anderson (DJ), De Lux, thee Mike B, Copper Saver and many more! Three stages! Food trucks! Portrait studio & more!


And if your looking for some partyin' for tonight, look no further than our Residency @ The Satellite with Kissing Cousins! The whole shindig is totally free, and more info can be found below. Tonight's the last night, so get out there and party!

OV Presents Kissing Cousins December Residency @ The Satellite
Kissing Cousins
Fakers (Members of The Henry Clay People, Piebald, Summer Darling, Vanaprasta)
Hustle Roses

Kissing Cousins:
Kissing Cousins is an all girl band from Los Angeles, California. As the main creative outlet for songwriter Heather Bray Heywood, Kissing Cousins has had a variety of female musicians comprise the lineup. Most of whom were friends prior to joining the band as part of the greater East Side Los Angeles music scene. Heywood's songwriting is stark, baroque, and often sexually charged. With haunting melodies over noisy guitars and pounding rhythms, Kissing Cousins' music belies the sweet appearance of their name and image.

While you wait for tonight to roll around, check out Kissing Cousins' song "You Bring Me Down" below and stop on by The Satellite every Monday this December. We'll see you there!

Tuesday, December 30th
Together Pangea + Audacity @ The Echo! RCLA!

Looking for a warm-up NYE bash? One that's more spilt-beer-in-your-face than champagne-with-the-pinky-up? Well hot damn man, then you best not pass up the NYE Eve lineup at The Echo tonight: together Pangea & Audacity! Perpetual OV faves, rockers and list-toppers, these two local bands have been all over the country lately, but tonight, they are coming back home to lay down a set sure to keep The Echo bumpin' and your ears ringing well into the New Year! We've written about these dudes too many times to count, so just take our word for it and make sure to be right in the thick of it tonight at The Echo! See you there!

If ya can't make it to The Echo tonight (or if it's sold out), then you best be bringing your fave vinyl down to RCLA at El Prado to give it a public spin! The best place to hear what your local buds are digging, RCLA gives YOU the opportunity to spin your records and even snag a free drink in the process! The fun gets started at 9PM, so dig out those LPs and get ready for a night of great music!

Wednesday, December 31st
New Years Eve: Time To Party Baby!

OV's closed today: Neil's already drinking so he can get to bed early, Steen's gotta rest her voice, Simone's in like another state to party, Emily is out shopping for the perfect NYE leather jacket (which apparently is a thing?), and Sean is practicing midnight kisses with Lyra. Sorry friend, guess you'll have to wait a bit to get some wax. Or y'know, you could just order something from our online store. Problem solved.

As for me, well, I'm busy getting hype to Kidz Bop:

Thursday, January 1st
New Years Day: Time To Rest Baby!

OV's also closed today. Sippin' mimosas and watching the Rose Parade's 7th telecast. KTLA or bust. See you Friday for our regularly scheduled programming!

That's all we've got this week hombre, we gotta start picking out our feather boas out for Wednesday. See you next year, 2014's been great!

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