Monday, May 11, 2009

Alela Diane & her guitar

Alela Diane paid us a visit on Saturday to sing us a set and debut her new pixie cut! Well, it was more the former than the latter but both made a really good impression.

She walked in with her guitar and her dad, and proceeded to fill our small space with music as equally charming as her face. Nothing about Alela Diane seems the least bit unnatural and her voice was so rich and smooth... like a satisfying cup o' joe for my ears. And that'd probably be a nice afternoon decaf - more soothing midday warmth than morning caffeine rush.

Needless to say, she totally made our day and we've got her newly released album, To Be Still, in stock now. Check out Alela's MySpace for a little taste and come see us for your own copy of the freshly brewed afternoon delight!

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