Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a little recap on record club last night...

I must say, last night was a blast! El Prado was packed and we had fun chatting it up with a lot of you about music. The best part about all of this is just getting the chance to interact with everyone and get to know all of you better. I really cannot wait 'til next Tuesday.

Here is a little recap of what was played and by whom...

- I started things off with a record I have been digging since the middle of last year, Pattern is Movement's All Together. I played the A side, which ended up being a theme for the whole night, weird... Anyways, I came across PIM, because of Ben Heywood. He had a heard a thing or two about 'em, so we spontaneously went down to the Echo to go check em out. It was a pretty empty show, which was too bad, because these 2 guys laid it down! I couldn't believe the complexity and beauty of the music that came out of only 2 people. It was quite the treat.

- Next up was Sean Foye. Sean is a local music producer and audio engineer. He is currently working on a couple of projects that include the new Summer Darling album, Brandon Hardy of Future Ghost's side project, and some odds and ends for Wait.Think.Fast. Sean played the A side of Sleater-Kinney's album, Dig Me Out, because he loves girls who rock (see Kissing Cousins). that was a plug...

- Zach, a local screenwriter and blogger for music site was our next guest. He brought the Silver Jews album, American Water, because he feels that lyrically it's one of the greatest albums ever written. Like Leonard Cohen, Silver Jews frontman David Berman is a poet first and a songwriter second. (highly recommend Berman's book of poetry, Actual Air). With this said, the melodies are nothing to turn your nose up at, catchy guitar riffs will have many tracks off this album stuck in your head for days. It also helps that Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) plays lead guitar on the album.

- Following Zach was Chris Stewart, aka Stew to his buds, helps run the mixed use space / vintage store called, The Clinic, which is a couple dooors west of Origami Vinyl. Bringing a freight train to El Prado, Chris, played Wu-Tang's Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), only because he has always wanted to hear that record at El Prado and this was his chance to fulfil his fantasy.

- Heather Heywood stepped up the plate next and delivered, playing the A side of Department of Eagle's In Ear Park, because she is so excited for the new Grizzly Bear album to come out next week. Heather, sings and plays guitar in Kissing Cousins and plays bass in Summer Darling, both rad local bands. Kissing Cousins new album drops in June so keep a look out for it.

- Ben Heywood, Heather's husband, and lead singer / guitarist for Summer Darling was up next. He had a rough day at work and needed to unwind. So he played These Arms are Snakes' album Easter to get all of his aggression out. It totally worked. Musical Therapy!

- To close out the night Brandon Hardy, the drummer for Future Ghost, a local band from Echo Park, played Time Out by Dave Brubeck. When Brandon was learning drums at the age of 12, he was told to listen to this album and pay attention to the odd time signatures. The album ended up being a big influence on his playing.

Hope you enjoyed Record Club and we look forward to hanging out with you again next Tuesday night!


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