Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Origami Vinyl to Host Record Club, Beginning Tonight at El Prado in Echo Park!!!

Hello Friends!

Starting tonight and continuing every Tuesday hereafter, Origami Vinyl will host Record Club at El Prado in Echo Park. Record Club started as an intimate gathering of friends at their humble abodes in Echo Park and Silverlake, where each person invited (generally around 8) would bring 2 songs to play for everyone. The night would conclude with the host making a mix of all the songs played and handing them out to the participants. We all found it to be such a rewarding experience of new music and social interaction that we wanted to bring it out into the public. The new format is a bit different but just as rewarding and is as follows:

- Each Tuesday, we invite 8 people to sign up to participate in Record Club...It's first come, first serve so get there early!!
- Record Club begins at 9pm roughly and ends around 1am.
- Each person will have a full side of their record played. A side or B side is fine...your choice!
- We like to tweet each contribution and hopefully get a little insight into why people brought each particular record.
- Each participant is rewarded a free beer on us for taking part.

If you would like to participate in future record clubs, please come tonight and we will put you on our list, or visit us at the shop.

Here are the details for Record Club

Origami Vinyl hosts Record Club
Every Tuesday night at 9pm to 1am
@ El Prado 1805 W. Sunset Blvd in Echo Park across the street from Origami Vinyl

Hope to see you tonight!


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  2. i dig this. very cool idea.

  3. Wonderful!
    This is just how my brother and I started the Vinyl Preservation Society.
    Currently we have chapters in Idaho and New York, and it's a very similar format except our membership is unlimited (currently over 200 vinyl lovers) and our meetings are 3 hours each month.
    Check us out on the web: www.vpsidaho.org (links there to our facebook and myspace presence as well)

    Travis and Chad Dryden
    Brothers, Cofounders
    Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho