Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Night at Record Club...

We did the following:

- Interrupted the bar to make an announcement about Record Club to 98% cheering and 2% jeering. the 2% got chewed out by 98%

- Neil played an unknown Neil Young bootleg, Side 3 of a 2xLP set. It was recorded in the early 70's and featured "Sugar Mountain", "Don't Let It Bring You Down", and "Love in Mind". The album is white labeled and has my late father's handwriting all over it, which makes it really cool.

- Melissa played the B side of The Doors "The Soft Parade". Melissa talked about how her and her dad would lay on the floor and listen to "The Soft Parade". It totally shaped her love for music and is one of her favorite memories of her Dad.

- Sean S. played the A side of the Self Titled album from The La's. Sean explained that to him it is one of the best pop albums ever made that has never been heard. And even though they were looked over as a one-hit wonder, it's the album cuts that really make this band.

- Sean F. played the A side of the Fugazi's "The Argument". Sean didn't really say much about the record other than he found the record sealed at Heather's house and was excited to open it and play it for it's first time at Record Club.

- Heather played the B Side of Starflyer 59's album "Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice". SF59 is one of Heather's all time favorite bands and has been a huge influence on her songwriting. Her bands; Kissing Cousins and Summer Darling have worked with Frank Lenz and have become friends with Jason Martin, which is like the raddest thing.

- Beth, unbeknownst to what Sean F was playing, also brought Fugazi's "The Argument" (What are the chances of that happening?) and played the B side of the record. Luckily for both of them, they wanted to play the opposite sides. Whew! Conflict averted...

- And swooping in at the nick of time, was Ben who concluded the night with the perfect comedown, Massive Attack's "Mezzanine". The A side helped us fade out from the bar and into a swirling buzz on Sunset.

Thanks to Catherine, Jeff, and Leonel at El Prado for making it all happen. We have already filled up our slots for the next two weeks, so be sure to come out and sign up for a future night. We are really excited about all of this and hope you are too.

'til next week...


  1. Thanks for posting a re-cap of Record Club, I was bummed I couldn't make it. It's nice to see a common theme of family passing down music to their kids. My father did the same and some of my favorite records were his.

  2. The Argument is a great record! Nice work on the double pick.

  3. They both came with the same record and wanted to play different sides?!?! Thats so awesome!

  4. How do I get on the waiting list to play a record?

    We Listen For You