Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aaron Roche & Chris Schlarb TONIGHT at 7pm

Coming together for you in the Origami Loft are Aaron Roche and Chris Schlarb! The two have collaborated on records beautifully and we get to witness their combined talents live tonight. Join us at 7pm for music that tickles your ears as it sneaks into your head to massage your mind. Please note proper brain massage behavior: settle down as you watch the show start, let your eyes close, sway if you feel so moved and let your mind drink in the sweet soothing sounds. Ahhh, brain massage.

Behold, Roche's Plainspeak:

plainspeak from Marja Kuivisto on Vimeo.

"Aaron Roche and Tim Hinck have taken folk and modern classical music to another dimension entirely. The 4-D result is Plainspeak, their new album recorded with members of the Chattanooga Symphony, Lambchop, The Cherry Blossoms and Silver Jews."
- Chris Schlarb (Sounds Are Active)

Chris Schlarb's Psychic Temple
"It would not be an exaggeration to boast that Psychic Temple contains performances from some of today's finest musicians including Mick Rossi of the Philip Glass Ensemble, legendary Minutemen bassist Mike Watt, vocalists Julianna Barwick, DM Stith, Joel St. Julien (of ELLUL), Aaron Roche, trumpeter Kris Tiner, Brian Blade Fellowship pedal steel guitarist Dave Easley, Weird Weeds percussionist Nick Hennies, guitarist Danny Miller and drummer Tabor Allen (of Rare Grooves and The Widow Babies), bassists Steuart Liebig, C.J. Boyd and Anthony Shadduck, and Danny T. Levin and David Moyer on horns."
- Asthmatic Kitty Records

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