Monday, March 7, 2011

TONIGHT! Brainstorm In-Store Performance at 7pm!

Tonight we welcome Portland's 2-piece hand clapping, genre skipping, pop-art group Brainstorm! SHow starts promptly at 7pm! They recently self-released their debut 7", Beast in the Sky a couple months back and are en route to Austin to play like 20 shows at SXSW.

"Two people build drums, guitar, keys, handclaps, headset mics and tuba into a deafening wall of joyous jams. A brand new band with unbelievable potential!"
––J & B Mees, in NYLON Magazine

"Brainstorm is a high energy pop act that oscillates through an eclectic synthesis of styles. Skipping playfully across borders and genres, they summon old American spirituals, contemporary art-rock, and desert blues, within a unique framework of explosive poly-rhythms and dual vocal exchange. The result is hard to place, but undeniably engaging."
––The Narcissist

"...The ambitious, wide-reaching sounds of Brainstorm, who manage to sound like the entirety of Portland's music scene whirled up in a blender, in a very good way."
––Portland Mercury

"These guys are captivating, energetic, and formidable. Magic wizard carpets riding, was all I dreamt of after seeing this band."
––Potlatch Presents

"One of Portland's best-kept secrets."
––Willamette Week

"Blending punk, blues, world and experimental influences into one seamless sonic assault too big to be confined to classification, Brainstorm creates one of a kind pop gems that a duo of any lesser ability, focus and chemistry would not be able to pull off."
––End Hits, Portland Mercury

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