Thursday, March 3, 2011

RED CORTEZ tonight at 7pm

Fresh off of their packed-to-the-rafters residency at The Satellite (f.k.a. Spaceland), RED CORTEZ is attacking our loft with their signature EPIC sounds and they're bringing along their new "Virgin Ideas" 7" too! The vinyl features the song "Virgin Ideas" side A b/w Shot In The Arm on side B. Only 300 copies have been pressed and the very impressive artwork (cover below!) was done by Matt Maust (of the Cold War Kids). Currently the 7" is only available at shows and here at Origami

For those who missed any of the bad-assery at The Satellite this is your last chance to catch them before they go on tour with Everest. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Check out this video for the swaggering "Shot In The Arm" (b-side of the aforementioned 7") then once you are significantly pumped up come on down to Origami at 7pm tonight to catch it all live!!

See ya' tonight Origa-maniacs!

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