Monday, March 7, 2011


Every Monday this March, Spirit Vine, will be ROCKING the Echo along with an awesome list of curated bands to support them. If you aren't familiar with Spirit Vine, they hail from right here in Echo Park and are a 5-piece fronted by the lovely Jaquelinne Cingolani. Their sound is based on classic rock and at times gets really heavy and ston-y a la Black Mountain. There's some psychedelic tinges too that remind me of early Jefferson Airplane. The band is also in the process of finishing up their album which will be available in Mid-April!

you can check out their sounds HERE

Here are the deets for their March Residency:
Origami Vinyl and The Echo Present: Spirit Vine March Monday Night Residency
w/ Origami DJs, Patio Bar, and OV pop-up shop out on the back patio!
The Echo | 1822 W. Sunset Blvd in Echo Park
FREE | 21+ | 8:30pm | Flier attached

- 03/07 - Spirit Vine / Stone Darling / The Silent Comedy / Diry Mac (Joel and Kevin from Dios new project)
- 03/14 - Spirit Vine / Dante vs Zombies / Dark Moon (Lola Maybellene/Joe Strummer's daughter's band) / Rumspringa
- 03/21 - Spirit Vine / Mi-Gu (From Japan/Members of Cornelius and Cibo Mato) / Sister Crayon / Wet and Reckless
- 03/28 - Spirit Vine / Black Flamingo / Skysaw / Chelsea Wolfe

TONIGHT we PREMIERE the rockin', absolutely AWESOME, brand spankin' new WYE OAK LP , Civilian

Tomorrow may mark the official release date for WYE OAK's latest album, Civilian, on MERGE, but TONIGHT we will be premiering this baby in it's entirety from 10pm - 11pm out on the back patio of the Echo! You will also have the opportunity to pick-up the album tonight at the party. We have tons of stickers and posters to give away too!

Here's what NPR had to say about the album:
Wye Oak's records work on many levels: as rock music that billows majestically, as pop music that gets its hooks into you in more ways than one, and as fascinating and mysterious examinations of doomed romance. That singer and guitarist Jenn Wasner rarely enunciates clearly only adds to the mystique: Wye Oak's seething songs reveal just a little more with each listen.

A Baltimore duo about to release its third full-length album in Civilian, Wye Oak seems fit to conquer a far wider audience; its stormy songs of alienation and misplaced affection need only the right movie soundtrack to get them blaring out of every dorm room in America. But there's nothing shallow or insubstantial about Civilian, which finds Wasner and gifted multi-instrumentalist Andy Stack crafting 10 brooding songs about the mostly futile pursuit of comfort and connectedness.

Civilian's title track stands out as an alternately ominous and furious rock ringer, but the rest of the record is similarly satisfying while finding practical uses for the spaces between notes. Pay special attention to the masterfully slow-burning, quiet build of "We Were Wealth," which blooms subtly into something special. In doing so, it's emblematic of an enormously promising band that's doing the exact same thing.

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