Sunday, April 3, 2011

Haroula Rose at 6pm TONIGHT

Join us at 6pm tonight for Haroula Rose in the Origami Loft.

"Chicago-bred, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Haroula Rose's self-released These Open Roads is a deceptively easy-on-the-ears debut that launches Rose as a triple threat: a deft and resourceful melodicist, a subtly superb acoustic guitar crafter and a distinctly winsome vocal presence.”
--LA Weekly (Live Music Pick)

"The feathery tones of Haroula Rose’s debut album, “These Open Roads,” are pretty enough to cause suspicion...each listen to her 12 songs (and one Mason Jennings cover) reveals a new melodic turn that the ear didn’t pick up on before. Rose picked the right company to realize this highly textured collection that explores a few different moods, though always at a tender remove. The fragmentary “Lavender Moon” is the standout, a spooked love song kissed with atmospherics that would give Tom Waits the shivers."
--LA Times

When does this recipe ever go wrong? Simple, poppy country rounds sung by a pretty-girl voice with some semi-exotic arrangements—tiny, twinkling bells or lazy cabasa—peppered throughout to keep things interesting. The best moments on the record come when Haroula sings the same thing over and over and over, like the last minute of “Duluth,” when she repeats “I’m gonna marry that boy” like a Lucinda Williams mantra. Let the lady ease your little sufferin’.
- Vice Magazine

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