Thursday, April 21, 2011

Therapies Son rockin' our loft TONIGHT at 7pm!!!

We are STOKED to present Therapies Son in our loft tonight @ 7pm! They will be celebrating their 10" EP release, Over The Sea out on Sargent House. Check out what Paul O'Donnell had to say about them on The Whiteboard Project

Okay, we can all probably agree that we may have overdosed on lo-fi in the last year or so.

Bands jumped on the lo-fi wagon and rode it with gay abandon, to the extent that music reviewers eventually started to get a a bit perturbed by the lo-fi nation. However, used correctly, it is an effective method of music and todays Band Of The Day has it down. Alex Jacob records as Therapies Son and he produces music that has touched the heart of the meanest of editors and reviewers. Much like Porcelain Raft, Perfume Genius and Idiot Glee, Jacob is a bedroom troubador, pouring his emotions into music which is experimental in how evocative it is and troubling in how raw it sounds. It is believed that Jacob began his musical journey after having his heart broken by a girl. The resulting angst-filled songs naturally caught the attention of the far-from-joyful Transparent records, the home of the wondeful Perfume Genius. Since joing this stable, Jacob has released music that has staggered people. An uneasy fragility and a feeling of poignancy permeates through his music.
He does differ to the aforementioned soul-baring , DIY bunch though. Dare I say, there is a tad more musical experimentation. Dare I go further, he sometimes sounds like a mix of The Beach Boys and an Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical. He varies his arrangements to create musical landscapes that differ from the last. One constant is his delivery. It is often fraught and damaged, even in songs that sound carnivalesque like Yellow Mama. I hope that girl is happy with herself….

There is big talent here! Exploring it should be a journey.

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