Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pre-Order the New FUCKED UP LP at OV!

Hey Folks,
Starting today you can pre-order the new Fucked Up album, David Comes To Life, at Origami Vinyl! If you purchase the LP early you get a ton of bonuses.

Here's how it works:
- Come in to OV and Purchase the Pre-Order for Fucked Up's David Comes To Live
- We give you 2 coupons
- Go home and log on to www.buyearylgetnow.comand enter your unique code. This is mandatory to getting all your goodies.
- when you log in you get 5 non-album mp3s
- you can start to download the album in 4 parts starting on May 10th and ending on May 13th
- On June 7th come back into OV with your LP coupon to pick up your copy of the album.
- On June 28th - come back to OV with your second coupon to pick up your 4 bonus 7"s

Cost for all this radness is $50

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