Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sabertooth Cavity are five guys who migrated from the Carlsbad Caverns to Albuquerque but never played together before. Overdriven cousin-guitars, a dented-sax, and a rhythm section so tight that it stretches.
The result is Jam, as in, jammed all up into one big spazzout...phenomenal live...still are the loudest boy-band in the desert.

"Jazz derangements, electronic debris and heaving melts of guitar are just part of it. What Sabertooth Cavity offers up with its first album, En Lak Ech, is a little more meta. Or a little more Dada. However you want to take it." - Samara Alpern

THE CANADIANS ARE COMING!!! 8pm brings This City Defects all the way from Calgary to tear your face off with their blazing guitar-riffs (complete with fretboad antics) high-octane drumming blasts, and meticulous arrangements surging with the momentum of a gale-force wind pounding against a storm window. We just hope it doesn't level the block!

They even sent over some notes for us...

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