Friday, August 26, 2011

Echo Park Rising!

"Why not make it a block party and have some fun."

And with those simple words a weekend of fun has begun!!!

Echo Park has risen like a phoenix to provide housing for all the showless bands left in the dust of the Sunset Junction fiasco. Join us at Origami for two nights of awesome bands and 10% off everything in the store all weekend!

Barrio Tiger – 8pm
VAZ – 7pm
Pygmy Shrews – 6pm

Madi Diaz – 8pm
Keegan Dewitt – 7pm
Dios – 6pm
Manhattan Murder Mystery – 5pm

Check out for a complete list of shows and deals at Stories, Shop EPIC, Backside, and many more!
So get off the couch, forget about the Junction dysfunction, and come have some fun with us!

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