Monday, December 5, 2011

Black Keys Listening Party for "El Camino" on December 6th @ 7pm!

We will be having a listening party for the new Black Keys album, "El Camino", on December 6th at 7pm! Come in and enjoy their new album, out on Nonesuch Records, with us. We will be listening to the record in full and we will have plenty in-store for you all to get a copy. We will also be doing an awesome giveaway after the record is done. The giveaway includes: "white label" vinyl copy of "El Camino", CD of the record, a 14"x14" special edition autographed print, the entire black keys catalog on cd, as well as the DVD Live At The Crystal Ballroom. Come in to have a chance at these amazing giveaways! You love the band, you love the store, so nothing should be stopping you from coming in to share some hi-fives and here this fantastic record!

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