Friday, December 16, 2011

TONIGHT:In-Store w/ Jeffertitti's Nile @ 7pm!

Local LA musicians, Jeffertitti's Nile, are coming in for the first time to our loft space at 7pm tonight! These guys describe their music by saying "Jeffertitti's Niile is a hypnotic river of sound that encompasses the sense of it's listeners/participants. Flowing vibrations transform us to formless and timeless dimensions. For generations, scholars, specialists, humans and animals alike have pondered over how to reach this state of being. Search no further..." If you are looking for a tripped out garage, and psychedelic experience come into the store for this awesome in-store performance!

The band has released a 7" split with another local band, Dahga Bloom, on Volcom Records, which they will be promoting tonight. They also released their album, Hypnotic River of Sound, on vinyl in 2010. Both will be available for purchase in the store. On their Facebook they describe their experience in creating their album. "During a stormy week of February, 2010, a Hypnotic River of Sound was birthed in a flooding home studio, deep within Topanga Canyon, CA. Sparks & black water were spewing out of the electric sockets as member of Jeffertitti's Nile rushed to save their tape reels and instruments from washing away in a cosmic soup." We are sure glad that their work wasn't wiped away because now we can experience it live in-store tonight with all of you. It is sure to be a cosmic experience.

M O U N T A I N J A M from J E F F E R T I T T I 's N I L E on Vimeo.

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