Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Releases!

Yo! check out the new stuff that hit the bins!

- Yuck Deluxe Pack (Deluxe LP, 3 x 7"s of B-Sides, + Yuck art book!)

- Birthday Party Reissues!!!
Each of these are limited to only 500 units and are already sold out online! Act quick as we only got 5 of each...
"Hee-Haw" 180-gram version
"Hee-Haw" Red Vinyl version
"Junkyard" 180-gram version
"Junkyard" Lavender Vinyl version
"Prayers on Fire" 180-gram version
"Prayers on Fire" White Vinyl version

+ These!
- Drake "Take Care"
- Pete Shelley "Sky Yen" (Reissue)
- Free Agents "£3.33" (Reissue)
- Sally Smmit & Her Musicians "Hangahar" (Reissue)
- Strange Men In Sheds With Spanners "S/T" (Reissue)
- The Howling Hex "Wilson Superconducter"
- Blind Willie McTell - Trying To Get Home" (Reissue)
- Omar Souleyman "Leh Jani"
- Lewlewal De Podor "Yiilo Jaam"

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