Sunday, December 4, 2011

TONIGHT: In-Store w/ Foolproof Four @ 7pm!

San Franciscan's, Foolproof Four, will be coming into our loft tonight at 7pm! The band's Facebook describes their sound: Perhaps the best way to describe Foolproof Four is by way of equation: multiply blues by jazz, add rock, divide by country, and subtract half the band (as well as most of the drum kit). The result is an intimate sound with a big presence; guitarist/vocalist Noah Grant soars while drummer Dan Brennan dials in the groove, hollering periodically to round out the mix.

The band is coming out with a new LP on apple green vinyl called "Apples Of Our Allegiance". Foolproof Four's original songs range from two-step folk songs to straight-ahead rock numbers, and their interpretations of tunes by renowned artists often take even the most die-hard fans by surprise. To get a taste of what you will hear in the loft tonight check out the tracks below, and make sure you come out to the show! Its all ages, and totally free. You can pick up their new LP when you come in and see us!

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