Thursday, December 22, 2011


With this bunch it might even be a "white" christmas...get it? GET IT?!?!?!?! Sheesh...our 80's jokes are duuuuuumb.

Anyways, dig on this:

ABC - Beauty Stab (USED-GOOD)
Adam & The Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox (USED-VG)
Adam and the Ants - Stand and Deliver 12" (USED-VG)
Adam Ant - Friend or Foe (USED-VG)
Berlin - Pleasure Victim (USED-VG)
Big Audio Dynamite - This Is Big Audio Dynamite (USED-VG)
Billy Idol - S/T (USED-VG)
Bryan Ferry - In Your Mind (USED-GOOD)
Culture Club - Colour By Numbers (USED-GOOD)
DAF - Brothers 12" (USED-GOOD)
David Bowie - ChangesTwoBowie (USED-Good)
David Bowie - Don't Be Fooled By The Name 10" (USED-VG)
David Bowie - Scary Monsters (USED-VG)
David Bowie - Stage (USED-VG)
David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees (USED-FAIR)
David Sylvian - Gone To Earth (USED-VG)
Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell (USED-GOOD)
Eurythmics - Be Yourself Tonight (USED-VG)
Eurythmics - Touch (USED-GOOD)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome (USED-VG)
George Michael - Faith (USED-VG)
Grace Jones - Nightclubbing (USED-GOOD)
Haircut One Hundred - Pelican West (USED-VG)
Heaven 17 - S/T (USED-FAIR)
INXS - The Swing (USED-GOOD)
Kim Wilde - S/T (USED-VG)
Kissing The Pink - Naked (USED-VG)
Lene Lovich - No-Man's Land (USED-VG)
Marc Almond - The Stars We Are (USED-VG)
Men Without Hats - Rythym of Youth (USED-GOOD)
Ministry - Revenge (You Did It Again) 12" (USED-GOOD)
Pete Shelley - No One Like You 12" (USED-VG)
Prince and the Revolution - Parade (USED-VG)
Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood (USED-GOOD)
Roxy Music - Manifesto (USED-GOOD)
Soft Cell - Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go 12" (USED-VG)
Stars On - Stars on Long Play (USED-VG)
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions (USED-VG)
Talk Talk - The Party's Over (USED-GOOD)
Talking Heads - Remain In Light (USED-GOOD)
The B-52's - Wild Planet (USED-FAIR)
The Clash - Rock The Casbah 12" (USED-GOOD)
The English Beat - Special Beat Service (USED-GOOD)
The Skids - Joy (USED-VG)
The Techno Orchestra - Casual Tease (USED-VG)
This Mortal Coil - Filigree & Shadow (USED-VG)
Thomas Dolby - Blinded By Science EP (USED-VG)
Ultravox - Rage in Eden (USED-GOOD)
V/A - Blitz (USED-GOOD)
World Party - Private Revolution (USED-VG)
Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (USED-VG)

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