Saturday, February 18, 2012

In case that wasn't enough... more USED.

Just in case you didn't get your fill yet, we've got a few more weird, rare records to share with you. Check it out dudes and dudettes!

Colin Potter – A Skeleton/Cupboard Situation (VG)
Fehlfarben – 33 Tage In Ketten (VG)
Goatsnake – I+Dog Days (VG)
James Freud – Breaking Silence (VG)
Panda Bear – Person Pitch (VG)
Possessed – Seven Churches (VG)
The Heart Throbs – Blood From A Stone (VG)
The Wig – Live At The Jade Room (VG)
V/A - A Gnomean Haigonaimean: A Compilation of Fantasies, Intoxication, Concepts. (VG)
V/A – The Eye Decay Theory or When The Garden Becomes A Time Lapse – A Compilation Of Spontaneous Combustion Witnesses. (VG)

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