Friday, February 24, 2012

TONIGHT: John Leighton Beezer & The Klau 7pm

Tonight! We have John Leighton Beezer & The Klau performing a live set at the loft. Definitely going to be a pretty sweet show, especially if you are riding those TGIF vibes like we are...

So what's the scoop on Beezer? First of all, he's the founding member of grunge legends, The Thrown-Ups, which included members from that band Mudhoney. For a quarter of a century, Beezer has maintained a steadfast program of 100% improvised rock music - yes you did read that correctly, improvised. In addition, Beezer was featured prominently in the movie Hype! and also in the recent grunge history book, The Strangest Tribe. Apparently Beezer is a pretty smart dude too, as he has notably made 2-3 attempts at reworking the face of music internet distribution. Pretty cool.

John Leighton Beezer currently plays guitar for Seattle's El Grande Conquistador, Snoose Junction and, of course, John Leighton Beezer (solo) and the Klau. Oh and what is the Klau, you may ask? Come on down tonight to find out ;). See you at 7pm. Remember, improvised rock.

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