Friday, February 10, 2012

TONIGHT: Noah and the Megafauna 7pm!!

Tonight! Join Los Angeles indie folk/gypsy jazz group, Noah and the Megafauna as they perform for free at the loft! This is going on a 7pm. The band is fronted by Noah Lit, ex-member of the now defunct indie rock group, Oliver Future. Following the collapse of the band, Noah put down his electric guitar in favor of experimentation with a new technical genre - gypsy jazz. The group's focus is to recreate the style of music found in Noah's diverse record collection, reflecting such legendary artists such as The Kinks, The Beatles, Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and the like. Enlisting the help of his brothers Joshua and Gabriel and numerous other talented musicians,  Noah and the Megafauna features a unique style that is unlike many of today's contemporary artists.

Noah and the Megafauna put out their debut release titled "Stateless Nation" in October of last year on Silence Breaks. Taking about six months to complete, the record is not just Noah's solo work, but rather a collaboration of friendship focused around a greater vision. The album is described as "a modern day allegory of Noah’s Arc, a narrative tale of global warming, indie folk with jazz for a right hook, a big band swinging, a small gypsy ensemble moaning, a convergence of influence and orchestration that represents the ever shrinking world we live in, a wanderer’s diary played on instruments that can be carried on your back, a singer/songwriter/indie/gypsy/jazz record that dares it’s player’s to growl, squawk, squeak, and squeal, and it’s listeners to climb aboard for an eclectic but determined vision of the future."

See you tonight @ 7pm!!

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