Saturday, February 18, 2012

TONIGHT: RETOX in-store 5pm

What are you doing right now?? Okay, well what are you doing at 5pm?? Come get your grindcore fix at Origami, where RETOX will be playing a free set at the loft. It's gonna get crazy up in here!!

Consisting of members from various legendary groups such as The Locust, Head Wound City, Holy Molar, All Leather, Some Girls, Swing Kids, Cattle Decapitation, Struggle, The Festival of Dead Deer, and The Crimson Curse, RETOX are a four-piece of their own unique caliber. Representing much of Southern California's current grindcore/hardcore scene, the band is reflective of the "world's stagnant western culture and self proclaimed counterculture." In hopes of breaking from the constraints of one particular genre, RETOX aims to blur the lines of punk, hardcore, thrash, metal and whatever else by providing the listener with a sense of modern artistic delivery and an educated, yet furious, execution. Citing both musical and worldly influences, the band makes note of past experience as a pivotal reference for musical ingenuity - "shitty childhoods, bureaucratic frustration, and the overall justification of continuous war." 
RETOX released their LP, Ugly Animals, last August on Three One G Records. Come on down today at 5pm to pick up the record and for a very awesome and abrasive set. If you can't make it, definitely check out RETOX later tonight at the Smell with Doomsday Student and Secret Fun Club. Only $5. Alright, see you THIS EVENING.


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