Friday, October 12, 2012

Just in time for our sale... a BOATLOAD of new used has sailed in.

Check it out!

AC/DC - Highway To Hell (USED-VG)      
Blancmange - Don't Tell Me 12" (USED-GOOD)    
Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling 12" (USED-GOOD)   
Bloc Party - The Prayer 7" (Yellow Vinyl) (USED-GOOD)
Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy (USED-GOOD)   
Broken Spindles - Move Away 12" (USED VG)
Charlie Sexton - Pictures For Pleasure (USED-VG)
Cheap Trick - Dream Police (USED-GOOD)           
China Crisis - African And White 12" (USED-GOOD)       
China Crisis - Working With Fire And Steel 12" (USED-GOOD)
Crosby, Stills & Nash - CSN (USED-GOOD)         
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane (USED-FAIR)
David Bowie - Underground 12" (USED-VG)          
Deep Purple - Mark I & II (USED-GOOD) 
Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward (USED-GOOD)        
Derek & The Dominoes - Layla and other assorted love songs (USED-VG)           
Dio - Holy Diver (USED-GOOD)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here (USED-GOOD)
Echo & The Bunnymen - Never Stop EP (USED-GOOD)  
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This 12" (USED-GOOD)         
Falco - Der Kommissar 12" (USED-GOOD)
Fever - Red Room: The Jasper vs. Sanchez Remixes 12" (USED VG)
Hey Marseilles - Elegy 7" (USED-VG)        
Jimmy Rushing and Champion Jack Dupree - Two Shades Of Blues (USED-GOOD)       
Joan Armatrading - Me Myself I (USED-VG)         
Joan Armatrading - Walk Under Ladders (USED-VG)
Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures -US Original Press (USED-VG)
Kasabian - Club Foot (USED VG)
King Crimson - In The Court Of King Crimson (USED-FAIR)       
Led Zeppelin - Coda (USED-VG)     
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same (USED-GOOD)        
M. Ward - Post-War 12" (USED GOOD)
Madness - Complete (USED-FAIR)
Men At Work - Business As Usual (USED-GOOD)           
MGMT - Metanoia 10" (USED VG)
OST - Flash Gordon by Queen (USED-VG)
Pauline Black w/ Sunday Best - Pirates On The Airwaves 12" (USED-VG)           
Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse In Reason (USED-VG)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (USED-GOOD)       
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon 180g Reissue (USED-VG)               
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (USED-VG)       
Queen - A Day At The Races (USED-VG)  
Queen - A Night At The Opera (USED-FAIR)
Queen - Hot Space (USED-VG)
Queen - II (USED-VG)
Queen - Jazz (USED-GOOD)           
Queen - Killers Live (USED-VG)      
Queen - News Of The World (USED-GOOD)         
Queen - S/T (USED-GOOD)
Queen - The Game (USED-VG)
Quincy Jones & Band - I Dig Dancers (USED-GOOD)
She & Him - A Very She & Him Christmas 12" (USED GOOD)
Simon F - Never Never Land (USED-VG)    
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Dazzle 12" (USED-VG)
Spoon - Got Nuffin 12" (USED VG)
The Allman Brothers Band - Eat A Peach (USED-GOOD) 
The Allman Brothers Band - Historia De Le Music A Rock (USED-GOOD)
The Band - Anthology Volume 1 (USED-VG)         
The Cars - Candy O (USED-GOOD)           
The Cars - S/T (USED-VG)
The Clash - The Call Up 12' (USED-GOOD)          
The Clash - This Is Radio Clash 12" (USED-GOOD)          
The Doors - Greatest Hits (USED-GOOD) 
The Doors - LA Woman - German Press! (USED-GOOD) 
The Doors - Live At The Hollywood Bowl (USED-GOOD)          
The Doors - Morrison Hotel (USED-FAIR)
The Doors - Morrison Hotel (USED-GOOD)          
The Doors - S/T (USED-GOOD)     
The Doors - Strange Days (USED-GOOD)  
The Doors - The Soft Parade (USED-VG)
The Grateful Dead - SKeletons From The Closet (USED-GOOD)
The Honey Drippers - Volume 1 (USED-VG)
The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord - Gatefold (USED-GOOD)       
The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord (USED-VG)
The Outfield -Play Deep (USED-GOOD)    
The Raconteurs - Steady, As She Goes (Acoustic) 7" (USED GOOD)
The Rolling Stones - Love You Live (USED-GOOD)          
The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request (USED-GOOD)      
The Specials - Ghost Town 12" - Extended Version (USED-GOOD)         
The Specials - More Specials (USED-GOOD)         
The Specials - S/T (USED-GOOD)  
The Steve Miller Band - Number 5 (USED-GOOD)
Thomas Dolby - Europa & The Pirate Twins 12" (USED-GOOD) 
Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age Of Wireless (USED-GOOD)
Thompson Twins - Side Kicks (USED-GOOD)      
Thompson Twins - Watching 12" (USED-GOOD)  
Ultravox - Hosanna 12" (USED-GOOD)
V/A - Keeping the Faith - A Creation Dance Compilation 12" (USED GOOD)
Young Love - Discotech 12" (USED VG)

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