Monday, October 29, 2012

TONIGHT: The Spyrals + Cab 20 in-store @ 6:30pm!!

There is a simple cure to the Monday blues: hang out at Origami Vinyl tonight at 6:30pm to catch a double feature in-store with The Spyrals and Cab 20!

The Spyrals recently dropped their self-titled debut album on Mock Records. At first listen your ears are showered with a gritty psych groove. "There’s hardly a better elixir in the retro-rock scene than filtering dark, droning guitars through psych-rock accoutrements (such as endless spools of reverb, tribal toms, and spiraling guitars)." Get with their song, "Trying to Please" and you'll instantly see The Spyrals don't have to try to hard to please you.

Take a good look at that picture of Cab 20 because for the second half of your Origami date tonight, you'll see this second Mock Records band play the loft! Easy Reader says these boys are "heavy, but not enough to be hard rock. They’re indie, but not enough to be boring and flat. They wander, but not enough to be completely psychedelic. And they’re not sloppy enough to be garage. It’s really just good rock and roll." If their newest song, again, "Kiss The Blue Sky" doesn't grab your attention in the first 20 seconds ask yourself, "are my speakers on?"

Kiss The Blue Sky by cab20

Alls I know is OUR speakers will be on loud and clear. Hope you can make it out for this double-header at 6:30pm tonight!

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