Saturday, October 27, 2012

TONIGHT: Dumbo Gets Mad In-store

Besides Two Boots pizza, the greatest thing to migrate from Northern Italy to Los Angeles is Dumbo Gets Mad! Come taste them TONIGHT for a FREE in-store at 7pm.

Dumbo Gets Mad has elements of psychedelic funk, which perfectly mirrors the band's attitude of “no matter what it sounded like, it had to be psychedelic!” while recording. Elephants at the Door, released on Bad Panda Records, "was recorded sans fancy technology, using old-fashioned equipment like analog synthesizers and tape machines—and lots of good vibes." If you are at all into feel-good psych (think Tame Impala) this in-store is a must for ya!

Have your way with "Marmelade Kids" and we hope to see you put the moves on tonight at 7pm!

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