Wednesday, October 10, 2012

TONIGHT: Matt Bauer In-store 7pm

Why is Matt Bauer so sad? He thinks you aren't going to show up for his in-store TONIGHT at 7pm.  He's obviously wrong though because you know you can't miss a free OV in-store with Matt Bauer!

In addition to making Matt happy, tonight you'll see the indie folk guitar and banjo stylings of this Kentucky-born artist come to life. His new EP, No Shape Can Hold Me Now, drops October 23rd on Crossbill Records. The single below is about "wandering a new city with friends before playing a show, finding the melody to a new song in the shadow of a giant black church made of lava rock."

Cop a feel of "Tonight We Get To Sing Our Songs" as before you see Matt Bauer sing HIS songs tonight at 7pm!

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