Friday, October 19, 2012

TONIGHT: Helene Renaut in-store 7pm!

Mosey into Origami tonight at 7pm for a guaranteed mood boost because singer-songwriter Hélène Renaut is playing a FREE in-store!

Her angelic voice will set those butterflies in your stomach aflutter as she craftily "marries American and British folk influences with a 60s pop sensibility" on her latest offering, Tiny Specks of Delight. Kitten Charmer just released the four-song EP that puts forth a breezy sound reflective of Renaut's training and time spent in multiple countries throughout her life. Renaut is bringing her beautiful voice wrapped in the prettiest of packages, so why not bring yourself at 7pm for a good time! Listen to the title track of Tiny Specks of Delight right down there too. 

Tiny Specks Of Delight by kittencharmer

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