Saturday, February 8, 2014

IN-STORE: Austin Leonard Jones TONIGHT @ 7PM!

Tonight we have Austin Leonard Jones performing in our loft at 7PM!

Austin Leonard Jones is doing his own thing. That's really the only descriptor I can give for his series of self-released tapes and records. Ostensibly a country/folk artist, ALJ's music contains the ghosts of Daniel Johnston and Harry Nilsson, but he mixes those sounds with tropicana beats and synth squiggles at every turn, creating a heady mix of sounds that floats by much easier than it should. It's disarmingly simple and difficult to pin down, and there's a very specific joy in trying to figure out what exactly this guy is doing. As part of a very short West Coast tour, Austin Leonard Jones will be stopping by Origami tonight at 7PM, and we're very excited to try and get a lock on his sound.

So if you're looking for something distinctly different to listen to, stop on by Origami tonight at 7 and join us for a night of great music! In the meantime, give a listen to track "Black Caiman" off his album Ponderosa below! See you soon!

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