Sunday, February 2, 2014

USED: The Superbowl of New Used!

(that doesn't even make sense...) Check out all the LPs we added to the used section!!


Alessi's Ark - Time Travel | Test Press (USED-VG)
Alice Cooper - Killer | Includes calendar (USED-VG)          
Belaire - Resonating Symphony (USED-VG)           
Bright Beast - S/T (USED-VG)
Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career (USED-VG)
Chains Of Love - Strange Grey Days (USED-VG)
Cian Nugent & The Cosmos - Born With The Caul (USED-VG)     
Condo Fucks - Fuckbook (USED-VG)         
Craft Spells - Gallery EP (USED-VG)          
Cthulhus - Evapr8 | Test Press (USED-VG) 
D. Sticker Ensemble - The Sound Of Sticker (USED-VG)
Demon Queen - Exorcise Me | Pink Vinyl (USED-VG)
Endless Boogie - Long Island | Test Press (USEd-VG)         
Eternal Summers - Prisoner 12" | White Vinyl (USED-VG) 
Fay - Din (USED-VG)
Featherbeard - Incantations (USED-VG)      
Feeding People - Island Universe (USED-VG)
Flashlights - Hidden Behind Trees    
Ghost - Secular Haze 10" (USED-VG)
Guards - In Guards We Trust (USED-VG)   
Gypsyblood - Cold In The Guestway (USED-VG)
Haim - Forever 10" (USED-VG)
Hatcham Social - You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil (USED-VG)
Houndstooth - Ride Out The Dark (USED-VG)      
Immanuel - In Passage (USED-VG)
Incan Abraham - Springhouse 10" (USED-VG)
Interference - S/T (USED-VG)
Jennifer Castle - Castlemusic (USED-VG)
Kendl Winter And The Summer Gold - It Can Be Done! (USED-VG)
Kopecky Family Band - Kids Raising Kids | Signed | Green Vinyl (USED-VG)      
Love Is All - Two Thousand And Ten Injuries (USED-VG)
Man's Assassination, Man - The Big One (USED-VG)
Mark Eitzel - Don't Be A Stranger (USED-VG)       
Mark Fosson - Digging In The Dust (USED-VG)
Marques Tolliver - Butterflies Are Not Free | Test Press (USED-VG)        
Memory Tapes - Seek Magic - White Vinyl (USED-VG)
Miles Davis - 'Round About Midnight (USED-VG)
Miles Davis Sextet - Someday My Prince Will Come (USED-VG)
Miracle Days - Something For The Weight (USED-VG)      
Mozes & The Firstborn - S/T (USED-VG)  
Nat Baldwin - Dome Branches: The MVP Demos (USED-VG)
Nathaniel Eras - Unearthed | White Vinyl | Test Press (USED-VG)
Ordinaria Hit - Funcionario (USED-VG)
Other Lives - Tamer Animals (USED-VG)
Peggy Sue - Acrobats | Test Press (USED-VG)        
Polvo - Siberia (USED-VG)   
Pony Of Good Tidings - Zing Zong! (USED-VG)
Princeton - Remembrance Of Things To Come (USED-VG)
Richard Buckner - Surrounded (USED-VG)  
Saint Rich - Beyond The Drone (USED-VG)           
Sean Bones - Buzzards Boy (USED-VG)
Selah Sue - S/T (USED-VG)
Steven Lugerner - For We Have Heard (USED-VG)
Sugar - Copper Blue / Beaster EP (USED-VG)         
Summer Cannibals - No Makeup (USED-VG)         
Sunbears! - You Will Live Forever (USED-VG)
SUNN O))) & Boris - Altar | Green Vinyl (USED-VG)       
Surfer Blood - Astro Coast - White Vinyl (USED-VG)
Tearist - Living: 2009-Present (USED-VG)
Telekinesis - Dormarion (USED-VG)           
Telekinesis - Telekinesis! (USED-VG)
Tempo No Tempo - Waking Heat (USED-VG)        
The Big Pink - Future This | Pink Vinyl (USED-VG)           
The Deer Tracks - The Archer Trilogy Pt. 2 | Promo Copy (USED-VG)
The Ferocious Few - Juices (USED-VG)      
The Grand Undoing - Appeasing The Sick (USED-VG)      
The Raveonettes - Whip It On 10" (USED-VG)
The Strange Boys - And Girls Club (USED-VG)
The Sugarman 3 - What The World Needs Now (USED-VG)
The Sweet Ones - Big Mistakes (USED-VG)            
The Tallest Man On Earth - There's No Leaving Now (USED-VG)
Toro Y Moi - Left Alone At Night (USED-VG)
Tweak Bird - S/T (USED-VG)
Versus - Hurrah (USED-VG)
Virgin Islands - Ernie Chambers V. God (USED-VG)           
Waters - Out In The Light (USED-VG)        
Wavves - S/T (USED-VG)
We Are The World - Clay Stones (USED-VG)         
Wet Illustrated - 1x1x1 (USED-VG)
Woven Bones - The Minus Touch EP (USED-VG)
Yea Big Kid Static - The Future's Looking Grim (USED-VG)
Zun Zun Egui - Katang | Test Press (USED-VG)     

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