Saturday, February 22, 2014

IN-STORE: Exorcisms TONIGHT @ 7PM!

Tonight we have Exorcisms performing in our loft at 7PM!

It might be easy to lump Exorcisms with any number of heart-on-sleeve hard rock bands roving through L.A, but on their debut single, Love Gone Bad, it's easy to see where Exorcisms diverges from the pack. Featuring heavy blues influences, A-side "Love Gone Bad" churns along like a demented Fats Domino, while "Two With Half" sounds like a bluesier, sludgier version of "Radar Love" that never takes its foot off the gas. Which consequently, would be impossible to do if Exorcisms were playing a set in your car (reader beware). Thankfully, Exorcisms will be only be playing in our loft, and Origami doesn't have a speed limit.

So if you've been looking to blow off those never-going-over-65mph L.A blues, cruise on by Origami tonight at 7PM and put the hammer down with us! In the meantime, check out single b-side "Two With Half" below! See you soon!

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